Last Will Zoom/Phone Conference

Call (732) 603-1115 now to arrange your ZOOM or phone conference. Last wills can be prepared and signed in a matter of days.

♦Ready to prepare your Last Will ?

  • Have young children? Appoint a guardian.  Someone over 18 who has children of their own, and lives nearby..  A sibling is often your best bet.
  • Minor beneficiaries require a trustee to manage assets until they turn (18).
  • Executor (and one alternate) is the person in charge of the estate.
  • Decide who gets your property.

♦Power of Attorney: for managing your financial affairs if you are unable to do it for yourself–an Attorney In Fact

♦Health Care Proxy (“HCP”) or Living Will.  the document that empowers a loved one, relative or close friend to make health care decisions on your behalf.

♦Here’s a handy list of people you can name:

  1. Executor (Will)
  2. Alternate Executor (Will)(optional)
  3. Guardian (Will)
  4. Trustee (Will)
  5. Attorney In Fact (Power of Attorney)
  6. Health Care Proxy (Living Will)

After our first meeting, we’ll draft your documents.  We’ll send them to you for review.

Finally, we’ll need you to come in and sign the documents.  During the Coronavirus pandemic we have special procedures for signing documents.  These requirements are subject to change at any time.  Click here to learn more.

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