Choosing to get a divorce is a major decision.  We will give your divorce the attention needed.  After you make this important decision, we’ll bring your case from start to finish at the earliest possible date.  Unlike a document preparation service, we are in it for the long haul and the full ride, from the filing of the complaint to that coveted gold-sealed final judgment of divorce.

Our goal is to make the process as painless as possible by moving your case in the most efficient and effective way we can.  You call the shots, and we make it happen.

We also handle all related issues such as domestic violence restraining orders, custody, prenuptial agreements and more.  Ask us about legal separation and Bed and Board divorce.

To learn more about the causes of action for divorce (such as irreconcilable differences) read here.

To learn more about the factors the Court will consider regarding alimony (also known as spousal support) read here (to be linked soon).

Here are the child support factors (to be linked soon).

Custody is divided into two categories: legal custody and physical custody.  Here are the factors the court reviews in a custody dispute.

If you are age 62 or older you may be eligible to share in your spouse’s social security benefits.   Here are more details on your rights after divorce and here are the rules about your eligibility for retirement and possible termination of alimony.

Schedule a consultation with Richard F. Fried, Esq.  Tell us more about your case here or call 732-603-1115 to set up an initial consultation.  Here are many of the items you can start to gather to make it easier to begin your divorce.

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