Don’t worry if you can’t find all these materials.  Just bring what you have:
1.             6 months of pay stubs (including all W2’s)
2.            U.S. and State Tax Returns and W2’s for the last 3 returns you filed
3.            Deed or Lease
4.            Mortgage Statement (if you have one)
5.            Social Security Statement of Income (here is the link to go online to get one:
6.             Car title(s)
7.             Car lease or loan document (Promissory Note)
8.             Car loan bank statement
9.             Any outstanding bills from: doctors, hospitals, cell phones, cable TV, satellite TV, furniture, appliances, repairs, old landlords, lawn service, termite treatment, alarm system
10.          Loans including personal loans from friends, student loans, bank loans,
11.          Income tax payment plans (state and federal)
12.          Credit Card Bills (including stores, Visa, MasterCard, Capitol One, Discover, Sears)
13.          Safe Deposit Box Statement
14.          Law Suits against you (papers)
15.          Collection letters and/or emails
16.          Your full credit report available through a link on my web site.
17.          401(k), IRA, Pension Statements
18.          Employer Benefit Statements (quarterly or annual)
19.          Investment Statements (mutual funds, stocks, RITS, etc.)
20.         Lawsuit(s) you filed against someone else  for any reason
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